An iconic scene. Local residents help first responders protect our area. Come on in and learn how . Photo, ©Lynn Axelrod 2016

An iconic scene. Local residents help first responders protect our area. Come on in and learn how. Photo, ©Lynn Axelrod 2016

Tune to KWMR on your FM dial for local information:
90.5 Point Reyes
89.9 Bolinas
92.3 The Valley
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Make sure you have a battery-operated or hand-cranked radio to get all the news during extreme weather. Keep extra batteries on hand.

The Point Reyes Disaster Council is a community organization that works throughout Marshall, Point Reyes Station, Olema and Inverness Park.* It was created in response to the 1982 floods and mud slides which ruined property and damaged lives. The 1995 Mt. Vision Fire on the Inverness Ridge, which destroyed 45 homes, and the 2005-2006 winter storms are part of the recent history of area emergencies.  [En Español...]

The PRDC is organized under and takes direction from the Marin County Fire Department. The Disaster Council’s volunteers promote disaster preparedness through communication and education so that community members are trained and organized to assist the local First Responders. 

Out here, away from the urban parts of Marin County, we're both self-reliant and more dependent on each other for our safety. While we have a Sheriff's substation in Point Reyes Station, health care centers, and three close firehouses (Point Reyes Station, Tomales, and Inverness), community members work together for everyone's welfare. We know that many county services might take a while to get here in a regional disaster.

Communications are vital. During an emergency, neighborhood liaisons are the immediate “eyes and ears” to alert First Responders to changing conditions (e.g., neighbor or house in trouble, downed trees, power lines, flooding, etc.). They convey essential information via a two-way radio network within our neighborhoods to help the professionals prioritize their response. We encourage residents to volunteer for this community role. You'll receive training and practice. No special expertise is required. The PRDC two-way radio system was created and implemented by Richard Dillman of KWMR, who continues its development in other communities throughout West Marin.

Prepared volunteers also make up the Specialist Disaster Teams for other specific tasks such as Shelter Management, Medical Response, and Animal Rescue. 

Marin County Fire Dept., Point Reyes Station firehouse.

Marin County Fire Dept., Point Reyes Station firehouse.

The Point Reyes Disaster Council asks you to join us by getting in contact with your Neighborhood Liaison whether you live here full- or part-time. Whether or not you volunteer, let your Liaison know where you live. Your safety may depend on it. All information stays within the PRDC.*

We also would like you to consider assisting with any of the Specialist teams. Bilingual English-Spanish volunteers also are very welcome. 

And we suggest you sign up for a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training, which is taught by firefighting personnel. 

*Inverness residents should contact Inverness Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief Jim Fox about the Inverness Disaster Council.

Thanks very much for taking the time to "help us help you" and your neighbors.